The Magic of Coffee Shops

It’s not the coffee that you go to a coffee shop for, though it factors in significantly. It’s the vibe, the potential for conversation, the woman who smiles then called you over, the barista(yes a real barista than makes cocktails as well as coffee) laughing at your shitty joke, etc. If anything the coffee shop is the vestigial form of Old World culture put into a small shop on the wayside that is frequented by an edgy, liberal crowd.

If anything the smart phone plague of the world is counteracted by the bustling amount of conversation that I hear when I go inside irrespective of the crowd that visits. Order my trademark Italian Cream Soda, vanilla flavored, and chill outside. Cigar in mouth. Collared shirt on with that little extra button unbuttoned showing off my distinct necklace. Then comes my favorite part where I lock eyes with that French Au Par girl sitting on her laptop. Black hair, green eyes c’est la vie. With everyone minding there own business, in their own conversation, while I make out with her an hour later.

If anything coffee shops are wonderful place to enjoy your day ranging from brooding with a cigar and a bottle of champagne to making friends irrespective of age. I guess for some of you older cats it would be like your favorite bar minus either the loud obnoxious bitches that you hit on day in day out or the only female company you possibly could have being the owner’s wife. Sure you have a great time with your friends in the latter place or a hot piece of ass in the former, but I like to have a bit of both. I guess there’s only one real rule for these places: Make sure they sell booze. If they don’t sell booze it will be just a slightly more homely Starbucks with a smoking area.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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