The Effectiveness of Beautiful Women to Procure more Women and More

I’ll be completely honest being friends with a female is an absolute waste of your time if it’s for the same reasons as male companionship: loyalty, camaraderie, and the ability to think in purely logical terms. These three reasons are the primary things that one looks for in a male friend, but applying the same rules to women will leave you alone at your worst in terms of loyalty, her using you for status at your best betraying camaraderie, and the last should be completely obvious to the general reader of this kind of blog.

Irrespective of all of this in the right frame I would definitely agree to having them. If you cannot bed a beautiful woman remember that keeping her as your friend will only boost your status not hurt you (of course relative to what kind of relationship that is). The effectiveness of this was proven actually the other  night when I brought a female friend whom brought her own equally attractive female friend when they went out with my crew(both were 8/10 in my book).

Since they were upper shelf girls, the thirsty men piled up on them on the dance floor. Of course they would get slightly pissed that I was ditching them, by not being a cockblock, and hitting on girls other than them. It would turn into a repetitive cycle of me opening a girl and them coming by and introducing them to the group of girls I opened(usually with at least one of my male friends around and introducing him too) leading girls to quite literally ask me to put my number into their phone. It would be the same deal with the staff I was trying to befriend usually leading to the staff providing complimentary drinks on them or cigarettes usually with business info exchanged. Sex sells.

Not only that, but I piqued the interest of the girl that my friend brought with her. Lots of low key kino from her when no one was looking. Thing is beautiful women tend to have friends whom are of equal or slightly lower status. Very rarely do you get a mother hen with a group of extremely attractive girls above a 7.5(even though finding such a group is like finding a unicorn as those levels of girls always have male company white knights/orbiters). So by showing confidence, setting up dates, and working the crowd as a social person in a venue with connections, you can easily impress girls of a social circle you are not even close too.

Downside being that as the de facto head of the group at the time, I was obligated to lead the group and not ditch them to escalate with the girls I’ve opened. As always whenever possible never be the head of a group, but be the guy closest to the head. It’s nothing but a headache to be a popular babysitter of sorts.

Though you may not use this strategy. I do hope you take home one thing from this that was more or less alluded too. If you’re ever stuck in a situation where you are part of a group with greater than 30% girls being above a 7 or in a group with 30% or more being girls period, don’t ever cockblock men trying to get at them. Not only does it give you greater value in their eyes by chasing other girls and having your own fun, this also forces the women to be proactive and actually chase you/have feelings for you. As much as  I love a good chase and cold approaching girls, I’d rather have it handed it to me on a silver platter.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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