A Critique of the Modern Day Intellectual

During my time enrolled in an institution of modern day “academics”,  I’ve noticed more and more frequently the faults of modern day academics both students and the rare young professor or two. They share the same fault of being well-read, extremely well I might add, but having the inane quality of constantly quoting to prove a presumed argument rather than construct one of their own.

Constantly linking to an essay or text that they claim you need to read in order to prove their base claim, and ignorance or not having read the text instantly disqualifies you from arguing with them on a somewhat related topic that the aforementioned text has some relation too. They link then send ad hominem after ad hominem to belittle your supposed intelligence in their eyes as if you are a stupid monkey unworthy of their time. Then following said tirade proceed to start the equivalent of some of the most immature circle-jerks with their like minded, pardon my french, faggots.

The unimaginative mind of these “millennials” never ceases to remind me how fine things, especially knowledge, are wasted on these crass individuals irrespective of ideology or background. The smarter counterparts of the idiots or their elders know how to argue, and to say they are pleasant enemies would be an understatement to how much I appreciate these smarter individuals. Like lemmings, they follow the group consensus and they are irredeemable. They can only consume and put little in the way of their own thoughts into anything. The irony behind this consumption is that they apply all they know to some base primitive worldview or thought that they have held on to for whatever arbitrary reason from twisted morality to parental/societal brainwashing.

On the other hand, you have the Tumblr harpies whom know nothing of substance, lack experience, and lack social skills. They create their arguments out of nothing with a certain creative stupidity. Since they lack logic, the power of their “feelings” creates imaginary arguments which lead them to absurd conclusions like wiping out an entire sex, mass castration, or a world only comprised of those like them.

These are the two leading poisons in today’s society that cause the societal degradation that many point out. I personally see no logical way to deal with them besides changing the flow of society as a whole or putting the whole of Western civilization in such peril that the former can learn to formulate thoughts and the latter can experience reality.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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