The Cause of Over Gaming

Back from my hiatus though I’ve been posting on the forum most of you guys are coming from quite frequently. As that’s a mobile thing where I’m usually posting on the go with my favorite variety of Coffee, while waiting for new contacts to get back from their restroom breaks, or the odd woman I’ve taken an interest in, my time on my laptop is a limited thing. As I haven’t been on my computer much I’ve noticed an interesting phenomena both presented by posters on aforementioned forum and friends/acquaintances, the fatal flaw of Over Gaming.

I myself was never one to roll with a crowd before I started making my social circle so I can understand where these guys are coming from (though my issue was group versus individual social dynamics which I’ll do a blog post on some other time). The concept of Over Gaming isn’t so much a Game issue nor is it something related to the fickleness of women it’s actually a misunderstanding of humor and lack of social calibration with the opposite sex. Over Gaming from an outside standpoint not only is bad game but it’s more cringe-worthy if not equal in stupidity to white knight jerkoffs. If anything Over Gaming could be attributed to be the main cause of shitty PUAs, MRAs, MGTOW, and all assorted social retards cut from the same cloth as Tumblr Harpies.

On the first point it’s bad humor because it’s actually not funny because it A: appeals to the stereotypical ball-busting bro or B: is flat-out dorky/nerdy. If it’s Type A it’s mainly the fault that these people confuse humor/tactics with the same kind of attitude a person would have with their closest friends. It’s not bad humor in the traditional sense, but if anything women perceive you as lower value because it appears like crabs in a bucket. Refining this kind of mentality to destroy cockblocks and AMOGs once they step into your field is useful, but to use it to woo women is as toxic as it gets. If it’s Type B, these people should log off the damned computer, talk to some real people, and not touch the laptop, the Safari browser, or social media. If anything I blame them for the state of Western women than I do the women themselves.

The second cause of Over Gaming, lack of social calibration with females, has a singular cause attributed to both Type A and Type B above: the need to be like robots. A lot of guys whom are newly inducted into the game at a late age(past the age of 18 is the cut off in my opinion) tend to be like robots with their routines, manner of thinking, and struggle with the game. They get laid, they build attraction, and above all finally get some female attention. The aftermath is the issue though. These very guys have nothing left beyond what they absorbed in the game. Hollow personalities using someone else’s tricks. Game is a mindset. It’s not a set way of life. It’s why guys default to nerdy, dorky humor when the jig is up.

Game needs to be calibrated to the personality and temperament of its wielder. Role playing Sean Connery or being the smug, lovable mysteriously open bastard like myself(I’m famed for stories too wild to be true) isn’t for everyone. If anything don’t be like someone else. Each person has their own kind of value and experience. The mindset has some similar core principles, but Over Gaming can simply be avoided with an approach tailored to yourself. Each person needs to run their own game, and that’s why I applaud guys giving generic game advice rather than a specific approach. Being interesting with a personal life story trumps a universal routine every time. The importance lies in finding a balance between knowing that to a woman/society the individual man is just another cog in the machine and knowing each man contributes a different story than the rest.

All the best,

Comte De. St Germain


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