An Apology and an Affirmation

A common misconception for a lot of guys have about Internet Personas whom have a set amount of respect or street cred in a community is that the persona is a magical being living the dream. I apologize wholeheartedly(a rare thing for me too) that I am no such magical unicorn. I do not bang 8s or 9s regularly(quite rarely actually) and solid 7s-7.9s are an occasional treat maybe once every month to three months. My diet is mainly borderline 7s and high quality 6s for my area even though I’m in frequent contact with the upper shelf.

I also don’t bang most of the girls I meet. I’ve mentioned this to guys on meetups and many doubt it, but I have a 5% conversion rate with girls I meet give or take 2-3% dependent on other circumstances. My game is intermediate to be generous and I’ve just found ways to meet high quantities of girls regularly through my daily schedule.

I also get oneitis. Last time I had regulars(a year ago) of which there was one 8 and one 7 that I had managed to lock down I was too focused on what I had. I didn’t keep my options open, and was crushed when I was inevitably got dumped by the 8 then in my emotional hysterics dumped the other one of my own accord.

Humans aren’t perfect, and I imagine all those high value names you see suffer from some of their own misgivings or cold streaks as well. The grass is always greener on the other side as they say until of course you get there.

In my imperfection, all I know is that I have to work. You have to work, and I can affirm with my entire being that everyone needs to step their game up on a continual basis. Take my advice, give ME advice, and as always criticize flaws in the logic that you see both in yourself and others.

We aren’t perfect. This blog post in and of itself was just something I wrote on the fly to put my own mind at ease. To vent while the longer post that’s in the works is still being worked on.

Triumph, fail, improve, progress so you can take the world as well as all the woman your heart desires.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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