Coffee Shop Diaries #1: The Valley Girl

There she was the perfect vision of what I consider a 7. Some of you guys would subtract half a point for her tits being on the smaller side and some of you would add half a point because she’s a skinny, attractive girl that aren’t necessarily a dime a dozen where you guys are looking. For me this was a solid 7 and definitely preferable to the 7.5 hipster girl with the annoying laugh that I’ve recently took. Her voice didn’t annoy me even though it had the trademark valley girl tone, her slightly yellowed teeth due to smoking weren’t a turn off, and her rather vapid, yet usual choices of conversation didn’t mildly annoy me like the rest.

I wouldn’t call it oneitis towards her just a strange attraction due to the company she hangs around that comprises itself of high value men. Granted there are a few brownie points for her being a former fatty that at one point had freakishly colored hair. Also the fact that she was former Tumblr Harpie turned ¬†conservative at the ripe age of 21. These men exemplified all forms of what would be considered “redpill” by the community(of course including myself). A programmer working for himself with a sense of style that was on point , a former employee for a certain famed company turned self-made man in China that was back in the States temporarily, an entrepreneur whom was straight out of the textbook for what would be considered the ideal by the fine men at Wallstreet Playboys at the age of what I assume was 30 with style that would make the G-Manifesto give a round of applause, and my young buck self. She was also acquainted with certain friends of mine that would expose my identity should I give further information on them, but take my word: they are men of a certain high caliber.

All these people keeping the company of this rather attractive but generic girl with a few bonus points……and enjoying her company. I guess it was astounding. We all had options no doubt, but she kept us captive with a certain vibe that would be hard to describe to say the least. Maybe we all wanted to secretly plow her(completely true on my part) and Mr. Entrepreneur with the game he spat was definitely on ship with me about that. Perhaps it was the fact that she listened more than she opened her mouth. Who knows? All I know was that her presence was a welcome addition to this motley crew of upstanding gentleman. We enjoyed our drinks, joked, and had a good rapport going. All I know was that this strange girl put forth a quality that was hard to imitate and uncommon as they came. Femininity might not be dead in the West and I think there is still room for good sport here. I’ll keep looking and keep gaming there’s a big world out there and I might have become a bit more appreciative of female company.

As always.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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