Game as an Expression of Action

Game 101: Don’t be needy. It’s one of the cardinal rules that every newbie learns and the one he’s most liable to break early on. Nerdy kid who didn’t lose his virginity till 24: needy, big guy whom only gets laid with occasional chick once in a while due to being too much of a “bro”:needy, your Wallstreet Banker whom attract gold diggers by the dozen and gets ripped off by them: needy, mangina-white knight male feminist: needy as well as pathetic. Everyone whom doesn’t get laid often has that one facet of neediness across the board. Usually they have other issues, but they all result in neediness.

Well neediness isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s a fundamental part of our programming as human beings without exception because of the need to mate. If there wasn’t a hunger or a thirst what would be the end game? This is where the line is drawn. Most of the guys whom play the game well and even average players like myself translate that neediness into a another form. Neediness becomes action. Kino, escalation, rough sex you name it that’s where all the thirst is channeled. Women all wish to be desired. Every single one of them. It’s like crack cocaine and they get it by the dozen from a million sources.

The reason action is more effective with them is that the action is usually wanted. When you aren’t complimenting them every 5 seconds, making a poorly made sexual innuendo, or feeling up on them out of nowhere without the proper escalation you are making her think about all the attention she isn’t receiving. Being aloof is just denying that very attention that every other guy gives.

Now fast forward you played aloof. Made her laugh a few times. The usual. Want to know how you still convey that she’s wanted because the second mistake rookies make in tandem with aloofness is inability to convey desire? Go for that rough make out. Pull her head in, have your teeth ram into hers, and that tongue far down her throat is fine enough. All the pretty words in the world won’t win her heart but being aggressive on a physical level when you’re in more than makes up for the gap. It’s about action. Same way rough sex gets them addicted. Hair pulling, ass slapping, and all that good shit that you hopefully picked up from years of Internet porn. Or before all that a bit of sensual kino by running your fingers up her veins to get her heart racing fast.

That kind of attention is once in a lifetime for many girls, and that’s what makes you stand out. Every other guy is talking out the ass about how good looking she is, but how many guys took her town when shit finally came through. Those romantic comedies were and always will be lies simple as that. The bad boy who fucks her well wins every time.

Take the women. Take the world by storm. All through action.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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