The Marketplace

Welcome to the Marketplace. A place where all is exchanged. Emotions, booze, food, camaraderie, and all manner of assorted goods.

Each person comes to sell their wares whether they are truly buying or selling. Things are exchanged which can’t be quantified ever in the scope of rational thought but ever so present in the reality of the beholder.

The smell of coffee beans, alcohol, and smoke brim the air giving the place a feel for a second home.

As a regular buyer and seller in this place I have essentially found my niche in this ever present marketplace. I’ve become a piece of scenery in this wonderful place where I’ve seen many come and go.

Dying in a flash, coming as an occasional traveler, or a long time member that has obtained the same status as I have ranking among the highest if not the highest honor in this world of ours.

The Greeks would refer to it as Agora. The eternal and ideal marketplace. I’ve traded my wares and memories with this place making my mark upon the sun rather than the footprint in the sand I had imagined.

Come hither and I will guide ye to this place. Come hither and trade thy wares. Come leave ye mark on this place. I will guide ye to this place as it has become a part of the soul of this eternal wanderer and the one point for which I will always return.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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