Expression of Self is Good for Game and Life

I feel as if my game has skyrocketed the second I started writing on this blog. Putting thoughts together to make words. Exploring concepts that some have never heard. It just seems to make my mind move and to put it in a weird way. Women either feel that aura from me or I’ve gotten better at picking up subtle hints that green light an approach. I’ve become more precise at what I do, thus I prescribe to all of you to pick up something that expresses you.

If anything on a personal level it allows for deep introspection into your own thoughts, and like the music I make for a hobby it picks up on subtle cues that I’m feeling at the time. It’s essential to the development of personal opinion and growth while more than anything keeps the mind busy preventing it from lazing over some TV or laptop screen at the next video involving cats doing funny things.

To reiterate it allows me to communicate better with women, and I see myself doing less to attract them than I am to please myself with whatever I may be doing. Women become a side thought to the bustling mind and knowledge I try to store in my head before becoming an experience to advance my own pleasure. Once you have set a target and way of living the side pieces to my life like a round of Street Fighter or the occasional women become secondary things. It makes you less needy unlike some of my compatriots whom obsess over the next bang or that girl they missed approaching at the bar. The approaches become a part of my routine and to call it a more internalized version of game would be an understatement.

It’s kind of why I believe that it’s not Roosh on the forum who has gone lazy, but other prospects have eclipsed the need for the constant acquisition of new poon. Sure they approach when they want and eventually the itch comes back as it does to all of us, but that itch can wait longer before it needs to get scratched.

On a tertiary note it has allowed me to pay attention to details and refine my conversational skill. Nothing like a hobby to get the brain to get in gear to talk about everything than it is to go from a slow start. The brain has essentially gone into rapid fire in reference to whenever I need to approach. More than anything I’ve acquired more and more friends that  I truly like talking too rather than it being some chore or to use them as entertainment.

Hobbies gear the mind. Don’t end up a PUA robot.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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