The Writer

Writers have a specific quality to them namely their sage like qualities that result in them being the center of attention. A certain writer I know essentially has the entire venue I visit on lock. As the spiritual embodiment of the place he captures the heart of the place becoming an ambassador to the regulars. To not know him is to handicap yourself at this place. I don’t use the word alpha lightly, but this man’s frame draws all types especially those of the “finer” sex.

Simply talking about his life experiences and bringing out the essence of his work controls the dialogue in a conversation with all eyes on him. The entrepreneur offers him contacts, the woman their unbridled attention, all varieties of men their wares with a modest discount,  and the simple-minded playboy a wonder as to how to mimic the wonder, for he does not partake in any of what is offered to him unless it’s of mutual benefit.

He does not use, he does not care, he is unemployed, but at the same place he appears a titan at home in his lair. I honestly don’t know how he draws people to him, but once they are in his grasp the sage-like titan leaves a mark on their thoughts and ideologies seeing through them, their motives, and how best to further their potential. Not even the aging owner has the wisdom this rather youthfully aged man has to offer.

A king on his throne and all subject to his intentions he expands, writes, and moves on with his initiative. To say he has had an impact on me would be an understatement to the glory that is embodied. This is alpha. An immovable trial where those undertaking it gain the world from it. Learn from this.

This is the end game we attempt to achieve as men. To grow exponentially while benefiting all whom come in peace along the way. Alphas aren’t badasses they are the wise sages who run the world through spirit when their march ends. Some achieve it later and others achieve it on their march. I strive to be like this and to be an “alpha playboy” your magic has to match his at any place and moment.

To exert power and influence without even attempting too or to truly have it in the capacity that is on an earth shaking level(though that is always preferable).

Strive, progress, march onward. Take the world and everything in it.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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