Freshman Month Madness

Hear ye hear ye. I’ve been busy this past while for the wonderful festive occasion of freshman month at the nearest university. Ah the fresh and lonely new college student all alone in the “real” world. It’s such a wonderful occasion. In the first week I took the easy bait back to its dorm with the traditional line of “I usually don’t do this.”. Like fresh apples from the Garden of Eden these young bucks are right for the taking and I highly suggest you take yours while you can get it.

The crushing loneliness these young bosoms feels is a tragic fate I correct given the opportunity and the ease with which they seek my comfort is another plus in the young adventurous ways of youth. While their male counterparts scramble to wonder how this all happens so fast that each and everyone is taken suddenly, the wolf in me can’t help but smile a bit.

Hear ye hear ye take advantage of the apples of youth and embrace what comes with it.

Cheers and happy hunting.

All the best,

Comte de St. Germain


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