Soft Power: Projection of Influence on Individuals

Soft power the projection of influence and assumed authority on unsuspecting individuals is the most key exercise of power in this day and age both an international and personal level. Everything from blackmail and extortion to keeping your plate in line lies within the spectrum of this tactic.

It is to force someone to do something without actually performing any true action on your part. As a case study based on certain experiences I will explain how to use this power effectively.


If you are to exercise this power the first thing you must know the limitations as to which you can use it. Know your limits and if you overextend that limit you will pay dire consequences, no exceptions. If you use it in such a manner to overextend your limits it will not only cost you the ire of many, but can lead to any innumerable amounts of consequences even the cost of your life.

The first limit is your personal limit and how far your moral code extends. Personal corruption is the first of the consequences of overextending and is the worst long term consequence. The second you give any leeway to your personal demons they will consume you whole. And when they consume you there is no coming  back from the downward spiral should there be any oversight in your moral frame.

The second of these limits is to whom this power can be used to effect and how many you can spur to action should the threat or bait you impose be pressed. If you have no reliable allies that will unquestionably come to your aid or if it is exercised on someone it should not be used on. Game over yet again. Without reliable allies you have no power and any authority you hold is worthless, or if exercised on the wrong person defeat will come to you and those whom stand with you. Causing animosity among everyone.

The third and final of these limits is that of your personal character among those whom know of you as well as your physical ability. These are intertwined in the sense that whom you appear to be may extend the two previous limits. Even a wolf with two broken legs can appear ferocious if his size is big and his teeth are sharp. Never underestimate the power of bluffing, but should you bluff make sure there are significant gain in respect to all of your limits otherwise repetitive use and the risk are make it a rather unwise option.

Allies and Enemies

This is a complex topic in that many possible allies may consider you an enemy and many that consider you an ally are in fact enemies. Remember that allies and enemies are dependent on your goals and not personal feelings. Identifying these two different groups is the second key to soft power. Always remember that both of these groups should not know of their status as allies or enemies in your plans. Only enlist and inform those that you have too. Knowledge is power.


Allies are anyone that will respond and act according to your wishes should you press your soft power on a target. It is essential that these people act in the way that they should in order to allow your plans to come to fruition. They may not like you and differentiating between those whom are friendly and those whom are antagonistic becomes the main skill in managing said allies.

These are the people whom you have most control over and so that control should be used as effectively and minimally as possible. Don’t expect everyone of them to do as you wish so always make contingency plans, but these people are the ones where you have to always underestimate their responses or lack thereof.

Allies are always crucial to the end game. Keep them in check.


These are obstacles. Friendly or not. Dispose of them or incapacitate them in the most ruthless way possible. There can be no fuck ups in regard to these people. Always go all out in rendering them gone or the plan will fail most hopelessly and result in the most catastrophic outcome if they are not.

Know them more than your allies. In them lies the final key to victory.


Know your rank on the totem pole. If things can be streamlined due to authority do so. Exercise it minimally until required. It is a power that gets weaker the more it used in sequence. It’s rather self explanatory the exercise of authority and talking more on this topic is not needed since even animals know how to use it.

Saving Face

The last key to soft power is the ability to have the impact of the outcome have as little impact as humanely possible. Just as the arm reaches out in order to snatch a cookie from the jar, it must retract faster in order to secure it. Saving face is the main use for soft power to reach an end, and if face is lost it does not differ from all out aggression. When making any plan an exit and closure strategy should be the part most deliberated on.

Hope this has been informative.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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