Don’t Fuck with Muslim Women

Notches. Flags. I get it. I truly do. I’m chasing after my Venezuelan flag as we speak, but do you really want to stick your dick in that kind of nutcase?

Repressed but free, these women thrive off drama. As they can’t fuck their way to it. They simply translate it into appearing more pious than the others. Shit talk be damned this is all out war. Ratting on each other, public denouncing, and parents crying these women do whatever they can to drag everyone of their familiars down into the same “pious” hell hole.

Oh and they do desire men. Oh they do. It must be with men in they can fuck over at a moment’s notice. Only with someone who would be unsuspected. Only in a way where no one finds out. Only in the ass.

All those stories of repressed Catholic girls who slut it up in college. It can’t hold a candle to the hypergamy released when shit hits the fan. Fuck just look at Mia Khalifa. Until word gets out though she’ll be a kinky freak with all kinds of fetishes and tricks(though that doubles up after though it depends on the man).

Anyways backing up a bit. These women only fuck a man who know they can completely fuck over. Family and, essentially, tribal loyalty is the one thing they try to keep up appearances for. Remember if there are mild approaches being made. It’s A: she’s already hit the freaky and outted stage or B: she can fuck you over. Both case scenarios she’s nuts and to be avoided.

Source: Growing up a bit in this culture. I’ve been there. I don’t want to go back. Also 7/10 the ones who haven’t been outed as sluts are ugly as fuck under that headscarf. Fact of the matter being it’s not religiously required, but instead just a way for the ugly girls to appear more pious since they can’t tease the guys. Turkish and Persian girls are at times exceptions, but the tribal loyalty is still there. Tread with caution.

Stay frosty.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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