Datasheet Postponement and On the Death of the Young

Datasheet postponed due to the death of a friend. Not someone whose lifestyle I necessarily approved of, but the death of someone younger than yourself even by a year is something that absolutely irritates me so I’m going to write a bit on the merits of living so that you are happy while leaving those whom are there in your wake can remember you happily.

It’s simple everyone lives in the pursuit of happiness. Be it in ways that run contradictory to “neomasculine” discourse or with it. At the end of the day, if you are alive be it in such a way that you are content. If you are confronted with a new experience that you are not averse too make sure to experience  it. If you have the time of day to provide happiness to someone whom you associate with do so. Human life is short and for a young man such as myself seeing the death of someone even younger than myself reminds me of that very fact.

Happiness is not some magnificent experience it is the simple fact that you can enjoy a coffee on a cloudy day or can enjoy pleasant company. Happiness comes from living contently within the means you have established and wanting more in the ways that YOU can make them happen.

People will miss you. Don’t ever think that leaving this world will not scar those around you. Live vigorously so that when your time comes people can remember the age old fun times and not the lingering memory of “what-if” in their hearts.

A bit cruel here, but if I should die or someone with like minded opinions die take advantage. Death is an opportunity to expand your connections with those that remain especially in quantifiable terms. If I should die, nothing would make me happier than someone capitalizing on the hole left behind.


-Live vigorously so that you can understand that the bounty of life is in contentment not excitement.

-Taking your own life is not the means to betterment or happiness.

-Capitalize on the emotional vacuum. It can reap benefits for the living. Death is sacred but so is the pursuit of value in life.



Comte De St. Germain


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