Case Study of Female Cigarette Smokers

Past four months I’ve been compiling observations on different kinds of cigarettes coupled with their respective type of women they’ve been associated with.

Personally I do recommend smoking as it’s a great way to connect socially with certain crowds, but you shouldn’t start smoking if you truly do not enjoy it. It’s a useful vice like any other, but bad habits are bad habits.

Back to the girls. The simple adage: “If she smokes she wants to be poked”[by your dick] is a simple rule of thumb. These chicks are artsy, free spirited, open about their sexual exploits, edgy, more often that not have IUDs/birth control pills, and the great majority are young. Sure the red flags tick off and a few have done a bit of damage to me, but easy one night lays are as easy as can be.

All it takes is a bit of bud and a few drinks for them to happily jump into bed with you for a quick session. Weed, cigarettes, and booze are usually linked as well. Most college girls who partake in one partake in the rest.

About half a year back when I really started getting into different kind of tobacco I noticed that different kinds of men and different kinds of women smoked different tobacco. It reflected usually on their personality, and influenced what kind of person they were although the differences were not the same across sexes. So I started compiling observations on what kind of women smoked a certain kind of tobacco just as certain women prefer to hang around certain kinds of venues or drink certain kinds of alcohol.

Disclaimer: Personal case study for my city. This took a while to compile based on my own experiences. I may be right I may be wrong, but this is as I’ve seen it. Results may vary.

The  list goes in order of rarity of the girl involved with each type of tobacco(hookah excluded as hookah has become popular with everyone including people whom smoke no other tobacco):

Marlboro/Camel/Turkish Royals:

Coffee shop smoker, college student and/or exchange student. Every girl who wants to feel sophisticated and bohemian smokes these introductory cigarettes. Poser “Avante-garde” crowd would be the best way to describe them. Either that or they smoke when they drink. Regardless the game runs the same. They are essentially like hipsters, but these girls only want to feel artsy because they think it’s in vogue. They smoke because it’s cool and this is the cheapest way for them to feel cool. The majority of female smokers lie under this umbrella.

Feed on their insecurity and their love of buzzwords/Buzzfeed. If anything to them tobacco is a way to rebel against daddy rather than social capital or a another high to chase. Fact of the matter being that these cigarettes don’t give either the buzz or taste of the something of equal quality. The tobacco is a prop just like a tattoo to show personality. They are just as crazy as your average softcore liberal.


American Spirits/Rolled Tobacco:

Raver, hippie, environmentalist, and/or very likely to mask their crazy. The female crowd that smokes these tend to belong to the neo-intelligentsia and can have principles that are all over the place…..even conservative.

In terms of looks these girls tend to be the most attractive out of the cigarette smokers I’ve met. Most girls who smoke Spirits are attractive, and the reasoning behind their choice is that they are in love with the concept of nature as Spirits are all natural tobacco, recyclable, and with non-additives. They claim to be Buddhist or spiritual in some format and so they tend to act feminine or embrace their femininity a lot more, but are just as edgy as well as insecure as those whom smoke to feel bohemian.

They seem to be well grounded in their beliefs and even sane. You usually won’t see the crazy until it’s far too late as they seem feminine as can be or maybe actually are(yet still crazy). Heartiste can explain the Waif/Neurotic better than I can as that’s essentially what they are or they fall into the Ingenue camp , and it’s better to be safe than sorry with these.

You could either be dealing with free-love hippy girl, BPD crazy, or your next crazy stalker. These girls tend to be the craziest girls you can meet, but it’s all about differentiating the sluttier girl from the one liable to ruin your life. It’s all good sport.


Can’t say I don’t occasionally crave one of these cigs as they have a good taste, but that’s the reason I open these girls as well. They have an oddly satisfying taste occasionally much like how I want an unstable girl usually. Bisexual girls, freakishly colored hair, dykes, dedicated amateur writers who won’t get anywhere. Parliaments are a central party to every edgy modern liberal’s grocery list even though they aren’t the environmentally friendly spirits. It’s a headache bumming from these girls, but you know what to expect here and how to cater to them. If you don’t: tease them to death, get them in bed, pray you recorded the encounter and that she’s not “thicker” than your drunk self imagined the night before. They aren’t worth your time and are useful only as slump busters or for their cigarettes.

I’m honestly more of a fan of the cigarettes than I am of the girls, and it’s the only reason I communicate with them. They’re your run of the mill unattractive hipster girls.


Clove Tobacco and Unfiltered Cigarettes:

These girls are obsessed with the high and the smell. They smoke too much weed and drink too much. A single clove cigarette/cigar is like a firecracker to your lungs and an enjoyable experience in moderation, but the women involved with these chase things to excess. They are your thrill seekers, your sluts, your adrenaline junkies, and the ones who might take your car for a joyride then crash it.

Not to mention that the sex is wild and fun. To them it’s all about excess and what better representation than a harsh cherry or vanilla flavored clove cigar/cigarette. Thing is these girls are a rarity just like how hard it is to find these smokes. You won’t run into them often, but if you do it’s the time to go direct and make your intentions known.

In terms of looks above average but usually don’t exceed 8/10 material. The provocative clothing and peacocking are at an all time high and you can spot them from a mile away with an excessive air of friendliness. Don’t be fooled as they are taking more dick than a urinal and are more than likely into boning somewhere in public. Red flag would be an understatement as they’ll be coming on to you if they perceive you as valuable. Take them for a spin then cut them off efficiently as they are always chasing what they can’t get like the next high.

Dunhills/Epsilon Triple 5s/Other English Luxury Tobacco:

My favorite types of tobacco(Dunhill Fine Cut White Pack being my poison of choice) and my least favorite kind of women among these types. One common thing I’ve noticed  about finer English tobacco is that it’s smooth and flavorful, and the women who smoke them are just as smooth.

Consistent flirts. They flirt and play men for food, gifts, and other status symbols. She’s a gold digger and she knows how to rob game aware men and the wealthy simultaneously. She’s constantly searching for higher value while seeing several men all the while pretending to be single. Although it seems I’ve been burned by one, no I haven’t. I just found out what one was doing before I turned into a sucker then noticed a pattern after I ran into several more due to shared tastes in smokes.

Due to the price of these smokes most of the girls whom smoke them are attractive and gold dig while coming from money. Usually having other pricier habits such as coke or morphine. I honestly found out a bit too much observing them/gaming them. In the end they’re all junkies with a penchant for playing you for cash.

Nat Sherman and General Luxury Tobacco:

The thing about Nat Shermans unlike most other cigarettes is that the packaging for the most commonly smoked Shermans(Classics, Black and Golds, and Fantasias) are very stylish as are most luxury tobaccos. The distinction between these and the aforementioned English tobacco being that those are not as smooth nor is the packaging as fine(the exception being the Dunhill Internationals).

Just like the Apple I-Phone in its early days these are status symbols, and I’ve met only a handful of girls whom prefer these to any else. Wealthy, well connected, and usually in a dress or provocative clothing they are daddy’s girls with too much time and too much money. It’s decadent rebellion to them and it’s open season.

They sleep with whom they want to sleep, they are picky, they get what they want, and every guy they are with is a prop to further her own image just as those cigarettes do. I carry them around for that express purpose and smoke them at meetings for the same reason. It’s all about class and these girls want to appear that way with their ego on full display.

Break them in and use their money. They want to display their value and if she wants your attention she’ll lavishly spend on you just like how she believes spending money will keep up her appearance.


D.C. Lawyer Chick, Your female boss, Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina, Margaret Thatcher, and the kind of women that results in the aforementioned ball busting woman.


All the best,


Comte De St. Germain


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