To My Friends, Any Readers, and the Rest of You

“We are the unwanted, unloved children of this transition. We are the ships at sea rocked by the swirling tempest. But as society has abandoned us, we return its hatred twofold. We give it back the same measure of bitterness as it fed us. We are the hate that hate created.” -Quintus Curtius

Fact of the matter being we are here. The order of the world is changing and simply by the loudest voices we are all hungering for change in some way or format. I just want to say I love you all truly and wholeheartedly. Hate and negativity is being spewed by the masses and even myself. If anything this is a good thing, but there will be consequences.

Remember that at the end of the day we are all human. We are the residents of this world, and more than anything if we demonize other humans as some form of ideology or enemy we’ll lose what makes us different from the beasts. Our will.

Truly I care the most for the people I have encountered in my brief life so far, thus I would rather have a million people I don’t know die over any of those I do friend or enemy. Even with this thought bloodshed without just cause is simply murder. Without will we are nothing. So do not justify it as flying under another’s banner. Always reflect on your actions from your force of will.

People will die in this coming era. That’s a given, but I implore everyone to remember their humanity. We are all human. We are all propelled by our wills. So make your mark. Remember your cause and strive forward.

A man without a will is simply a monster.

“I still have that one trait that puts us above the angels. It is my will.”-The Major

All the best,


Comte de St. Germain


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