Coffee Shop Diaries #2: The Girl with the Accent

So I met a girl today. At the usual place I frequent where she so happens to be a regular too, but I hadn’t met her before. Ran the usual game and got a rapport going, but what makes this girl so special other than the pair of heels added on that latinas oh so love with the usual American girl dress.

It was her ability to discuss concepts. Usually I like bringing up ideas that I connect with the material world that women covet, but she kept going. Life with experience. Experience with passion. Passion with fun. It was a welcome change, but like other approach that fails it did.

So here I stress when put into this situation. Keep the ball rolling. I had to remind her of reality and her test tomorrow, but if I had just kept going and bringing her into the fantasy non-real reality it would have been solid.

Women love alternate worlds. Alternate ways of thinking and experiencing. The world of emotions is the one they inhabit and sadly men are only tagged into the world of reality.

So be able to bring her into that new reality you’ve created. The world you imagine and now inhabit that she wants in to. Cultivate it.

Cultivate the new reality. Cultivate that sense of wonder.(Word to live by: Wonder)

As always.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


One comment

  1. Comte De St. Germain · February 12, 2016

    Please your comments if you have time. Would love to get some discussion going.

    Comte De St. Germain


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