The “Holier than thou” People

I am what you would call a spiritual and religious person. I hold my morals and sense of ethics fairly deeply to my heart. I also always suggest to others to have a firm belief in a sense of general rules to always hold yourself too. A sense of discipline is what keeps people from compromising whom they are and going down the rabbit hole of nihilism.

The only things that are truly inherently evil in this world are nihilism and apathy. Many functioning/non-functioning sociopaths and psychopaths runs on those two “ideals” so to speak.

Getting that out of the way.

The greatest annoyance is the man whom preaches and whose pride lies in his ability to preach his beliefs to others while forcing it down the throats of those around them. Every “sin” against his worldview(not even necessarily his scripture or ideal he believe in) is the greatest of insults. SJWs think like this. Fundamentalists think like this.

While I commend the move towards spirituality and the mentality that people of the “manosphere” and more specifically Neo-Masculinity, it’s best to not follow in the footsteps of those whom we oppose and more specifically the “cucks” on the right wing.

The draw of the red pill was always the ability to improve yourself by your own actions. I think it should stay that way among those that truly count. The masses are negligible, but if you’re reading this that means that you’re a cut above the rest. Be among those that truly count and make your own struggles the source of your pride(though keeping your pride in check all the same).

Let God judge the sin and make yourself among the best of men so you can pass  through the pearly gates.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain



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