The Importance of Good Company

Want to know the fundamental problem of this age? People don’t talk. People like their smart phones. People like their social media. People like minute moments of satisfaction.

That’s why more than ever people whom are into self improvement should find good company to spend time and talk with. Exploring the stars and blazing a trail is pointless if there is no one to share the glory in. That’s what we do. We are the arbiters of the new age.

If we want to spread those ideas and avoid the gaping hole that is loneliness and not be just another moment of satisfaction for the women we receive intercourse from and the men we surpass, then find good company. Granted the aforementioned people of both sexes are not the people we should spend time with.

Instead we should find comrades whom either surpass the norm with our ideals and/or more likely find people who surpass others as a matter of their existence. Those aforementioned people right there are the ones whose company is worth keeping and whom will enjoy the light that is your light and whose light you will end up enjoying.

All the money, power, and influence in the world will never stave off loneliness. Need to feel loved yes, need for approval yes, and the need to inflame your passions yes; those can all be satisfied with greatness, but loneliness no.

I myself am only a footprint in the sand to those whom company I keep, but I can say that those people I’ve met in my transient lifestyle that counted will forever remain in my heart and hopefully vice versa.

Find company among those whom count and progress to new heights.

All the best,


Comte De St. Germain


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