Why am I cigarette smoker?

Cigarettes are one of those things that are demonized by everyone from every corner of society unless you are one(and for some reason they are more common then ever). I wouldn’t recommend it for most men either(even game aware guys) as again if you don’t benefit from them heavily then they are just an expensive waste.

How I started

Well I was heavily against them for the longest time. Smelled nasty. The girls who smoked them were sluts. Cigars were so much more classier and the cigar shop I frequented had so many men dropping nuggets of wisdom that I am who I am because of it(not to mention the nice homely smell they leave that lizards love[shout out to forum member Moma for slowly getting it into my vernacular]).

Then I met these people. I was 16 and I had hit 6’1″ so I was always mistaken for someone older a lot getting into parties into town fairly easily(that’s a story in and of itself and it was mainly due to the attitude I adopted from my pseudo mentors at the cigar shop).

What was up with these guys? All jacked. Dressed fly as hell. With the hottest girls I’ve ever seen. I wanted to be them and they were puffing stoges nonstop. So I manned up and bummed a cigarette off them at the coffee shop I still frequent every other day. Nervous as all get out, I ended up blowing out Os accidentally(I have never been able to do them ever since) and they made me sit down and hang with them.

Here’s lanky, tall me. Kind of mature 16 year old with the flyest guys I have ever met in my life. I felt like a God to be smoking with them in my awkward ass polo and jeans. We exchanged numbers and they made sure that I could come out with them, and dear god it was a blast.

So it’s just a pattern I’ve noticed that a significant portion of the coolest people I meet smoke to some degree(or won’t turn down a cig).

If you meet people like that and they offer you an in to a lifestyle. I would suggest you do it just like I did that day.

Why I Kept Going

As all things do these guys left the scene and grew a bit out of the lifestyle either to travel the world or head to the biggest of the big cities in the States: NYC, LA, Miami, Zanesville(kidding), or Las Vegas.

Stuck here alone. It was a way to remember them by, but the next generation of people up and coming kept piling in. I learned to master conversation because of them(I’m still a shit writer here and on the forum though. I keep trying to type like I talk). I became extroverted because of them. I learned to have fun because of them. I say smoking is on the rise simply because it’s the alternative to the smart phone dominated culture we live in.

Cigarettes and smoking in general started the counter culture to fight back against mediocrity. Smokers are those people who have had enough of the shallow, vapid life and are the ones whom are creating genuine relationships with those around them. It shows too as these are the guys pulling hardest, being in the best shape(constantly working out especially cardio fights back on the long term drain on the lungs though it’s still bad), and are the best dressed out of the people I’ve met.

If your new boy pulls out a zippo and pops one he’s going to be solid through and through as a wingman and friend.

How to Gauge as to whether they are beneficial to your lifestyle

Lets get this straight. These things are still bad and they will devour you if you don’t know how to keep yourself in check. Smoke only if:

A. Your greed outweighs your need to fullfill your desires period.

I keep it to a pack a week unless I’m going out extensively. Being starved for money at times has made me better at keeping myself in check.

B. Self control is a forte of yours in certain pursuits.

If you can make yourself not smoke the next one when you crave it you’ll be fine. Withdrawal comes in about 3 days without smoking. Which leads too

C. You don’t fiend after the high.

Cigs are purely social and for taste. I smoke in groups and after meals. So at most it’ll be 3 in a day. If you need that buzz constantly. don’t ever bother. The high is secondary. I hate anything affecting my mental state. It’s the reason I don’t have more than 2 beers ever(unless it’s a special occasion) or a shot and a beer ever. I know I’ll become an alcoholic if I drink more than that.

D. You benefit and meet people constantly from it.

It’s all for social capital. I bum out more cigs than I smoke. Keep it that way.

Hope this has been informative.


All the best,


Comte De St. Germain


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