Mentality Changes 2016

Biggest shifts I’ve noticed about how I’m becoming is that these days I’m motivated by the successes of those around me more and more. The satisfaction is contagious almost. If you had looked at me 2 years ago before I started going through with these changes I would be singing a different tune.

Women were the easiest part of those days. They came like moths attracted to light, but that was the easy part. Try to live normally with every second the thought of boredom, stupidity of people, fatality of life, etc. controlling your every emotion. The only thing stopping me from putting steel to my throat was my sense of superiority and personal moral code that I still hold.

To be frank it was because I thought all the people in the world deserved to go before me so I might as well enjoy the decline. All the poorly dressed saps and dumb sluts were worth less than me simply on the basis that I knew how to be better than them and that I knew life sucked.

I get laid a lot less now, but the satisfaction I feel towards living more than makes up for it. I wake up every morning to look forward to all the people I’ve met as of late fulfilling their utmost potential.

More than anything now is the time to be alive. The world is changing. There’s more girls and money to be had for the smart man than in any other time while the majority of your peers are looking at stable office jobs as the be all end all.

So fuck them and find those people trying to make the most of it all.

All the best,

Comte de St. Germain


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