Coffee Shop Diaries #3: Two Girls 7 days of No Fap

NoFap has been wonderful as of late. Soon to be Day Number 10 of it.

Quite literally a copy and paste from the forum but notable changes:

“-I’m way more aggressive in general. I smoke cigs faster, more likely to speak or be assertive in conversation, and I’ve been told several times that I’m walking more confidently/naturally like I own the place.

-Most people complain about being unable to focus on certain things and goofing off because of no fap, but for me its the opposite. I’m more liable to focus and work on things and pay attention to what I’m working on. In between games of chess with friends today as they were playing against each other I got more work done in that 30 minute time period than I did in 1.5 hours of work. In general I feel more motivated to focus.

-I’ve had more girls ask me questions uninhibited before I interested them with anything. Was in a hurry today as I was late due to certain circumstances and I chatted up a girl on my walk to my next location. It was just casual to get me warmed up, but there was more interest there than would normally be there. This became a pattern later throughout my day too. It feels good. Starting to see more pretty girls everywhere too.

-More cognizant of my surroundings. I would describe my days usually as a slight blur besides moments I was smoking and observing my surroundings, but everything just looks sharper in general now.

-The urge is stronger than ever. I feel sometimes that any borderline girl or slightly below borderline will do right now(scary since I’m sober). Thankfully that part goes away the second I spot a fattie. I still feel like I constantly need to wank, and the only way for it go away is to put my mind to something else or do some light physical exercise(planking, push ups, crunches, etc.).

-Adding on to the above. I actually see fatties in my field of vision again that I’m not forced to deal with. It’s harder to ignore them now though all it does is shrink my semi-boner after spotting a nice ass beforehand.”

With that out of the way I was back at my usual haunt with the usual people. After a few games of chess, a girl I know and her friend walk right behind me. Of course, as luck would have it, I’m familiar with the ugly one(poor girl just has horrible facial genetics even though she is extremely in shape) >_> so the usual presidential handshake and eye contact with an introduction was in order.

Of course her friend loved it.

Catching up with my friends I decided to check up on them after a few drinks had entered my system, and I swear I’ve never been more on fire than I ever have been in a while. I had them laughing on their ass with my preferred style of dry wit coupled with absurdist humor.

Though the catch-22 of having a good buzz was that you forget the contingency plan to have a way to pass on your number to the cute girl in a duo. Always carry a small slip of paper to pass the one of interest with a funny, scripted note+number. You hug the ugly one and the presidential handshake with the other to pass on the note asking if you got her name right/what her name was again with a smirk+eye contact.

Sad day.

Though on the other end of my luck I had a cute, leggy blonde randomly put her head on my shoulder to take a look at one of the chess games I was playing, though sadly she was in a hurry. You know a girl sticks around for 2-3 minutes longer with her friends yelling when she has an interest in a guy. Although the catch-22 of that one being that, I was too busy searching for a lost piece then our group of youthful men tearing up the SJW which had accidentally crossed into the mix of otherwise reasonable people at our table both in chess and in argument.

He had to leave because “I just can’t even”, “you’re wrong”, “Trump is a racist”, “women have it significantly harder than men”, and “I’m not having this conversation anymore you bigots” as he put it.


All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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