Coffee Shop Diaries #4:”We’ll Talk Again in 5 Years My Friend”

A big mischaracterization that anyone of any political ideology believes is that the opposition is stupid. That everyone that follows its ideas are complete fools with no capacity for thinking in reality.

If anything I’ve learned, the opposition has its fair share of intelligent people. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and my day to day struggle is always asking myself if I’m on the right side of all of this. Call me a cuck or whatever you have to say, but that’s the truth of it.

In front of girls, enemies, and every new person I meet I’m the most grounded badass mofo known to man in his beliefs. Always ready to verbally spar. When I’ve become friends with people or I’m talking like this online, I let it out that I’m not too sure. That’s why my closest friends are either extremely similar to me in beliefs or challenge me on them 24/7 over coffee, a game of chess, and/or cigars.

Though the only exception being to this tends to be attitude in pursuing women. In general, there seems to be a consensus over this. Nothing is worse than a conservative white knight fedora or that fat, faggoty voiced liberal me and one of my friends(who is a liberal) had to shut up(the faggot in question said he wouldn’t bang Britney Spears in her prime because of personality, that women have it harder in life, and that the wage gap was caused by male privilege).

Yesterday the usual crew and I just finished our first round of joking so me around and split up into different conversations. Somehow me and a friend end up talking about the nature of government, welfare, etc. To skip the usual arguments over the nature of welfare and why government is bad(which were unique, but too similar to the usual themes). Of course I told him my rather unique view on the world, and how much I dislike the average person for doing what they do.

The part that struck me about his response was that I didn’t have enough empathy. The man is in his early 40s now(still liberal by a lot of standards though not the Tumblr kind obviously), but told me he was much more cynical of the world at my age and that I had more hope than him. All the same I had the same issue.

Humanity is resilient and has overcome many things according to him, therefore I should have just the tiniest bit more hope. He then ended with stating that we’ll talk more about this 5 years from now when I’ve accumulated a bit more experience on the world.

I don’t know. Moments and arguments like these are the ones that keep me up at night.

We’ll see 5 years from now.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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