Observations on Women #1: Moments of Weakenss

I would start a game thread about this one the forum, but I think guys like WIA and Jariel do the game psychoanalysis schtick better than I can. This isn’t one of those persay, but a bit of a shorter post on one of the sexier things(if not the sexiest thing) I’ve seen happen to women while affected by game.

It’s that moment of weakness. One time I had this girl I was playing pool with. We had not a drop to drink, we had just met, and it was fairly clear in her mind atleast that I was out of her league. She was from bumfuck nowhere, kind of cute, and with no experience living out here and I am/was 6’3″, fairly good looking, well traveled, well dressed, and a big city kind of guy.

Of course normally a girl has a bit of ego if she is even relatively attractive as guys are hollering at her left and right, but the wonderful thing about girls from rural backgrounds/small towns is that they aren’t used to that. She didn’t even have a Tinder let alone a smart phone(looked like a shitty knockoff Samsung) that could support it.

Back to the topic at hand. The pool cue(a blessing in disguise) had to break. So we sat down and got more in depth about the conversation we’re having. I like touching people when I make points in conversation(more likely if we’re friends or if it’s a girl) so she was fairly comfortable with me. I made a comment about something being in her hair and her rather large earring which I played with first then stroking her hair back.

At that moment she stuttered then tried to save face and every animal instinct in my body knew it was game on. We started making out and we fucked in her room after she made me dinner. I’ve had similar experiences making out with girls sober over those kind of situations(though this being the only time I’ve got the +1).

I was on the phone with TravelerKai, and the conversation came to this story. The conclusions that we both agreed on is that it’s essentially instinct. We men were the hunters in caveman society while the women gathered. It’s basically like killing the prey after it trips. Some very primal caveman kind of shit.

It’s why when you’ve triggered  that base moment of weakness and embarrassment in a lizard it’s hot. Men being the carnivores that they are. When we see blood, we’ll be ready to bite in. All you need to do sometimes is create that base level of instinct between you and another girl. Hormones intoxicate people way more than alcohol ever can.

To paraphrase WIA, you can even make a date over froyo sexual and bang her out in a few hours.

As always may your hunts be prosperous.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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