Tough Love

Second rate in terms of grades in my classes. Second place for the various popularity contests back then(Homecoming, Prom, and second best award in the class year book as Most Memorable since I didn’t get Best Looking). Dating the second hottest girl in my high school. I was constantly second rate growing up in my formative years.

Although I was a noted individual, being the constant silver medal in those years made me realize that us as men aren’t told of our true value(though I’m much opposed to those freebie everyone is a winner bullshit). Only the best at a person’s craft gets acknowledged, and those guys become those naturals that every guy wants to replicate. Second place gets the crumbs. And everyone after that gets nothing so they don’t even realize what they are missing.

The lack of confidence and the rampant thirst among the current male generation is the reasoning behind this. Not one of them knows the joys of achieving success after they’ve failed. They do not even hold their own value up high. That’s why among your closest friends you should always seek to put them up on a pedestal for their successes and be the first to tear them down on their fuck ups.

Other than it being a means to learn humility, it shows the pragmatic goals that are truly achievable by a human being. Potential is wasted more often than not because of lack of confidence rather than lack of ability. As such searching for and uplifting/shaping those with potential bolsters your own sense of self as a man is but the sum of his company.

What better way to meet equals than molding them yourselves? The more my mindset moved to improving myself the more likely I was to meet those with the potential and desire to go as far as if not farther than I even wished too.

Create and shape the world and men around you.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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