Girls Who’ve Opened Me #1

Thought I would make a short post as I have a little bit of time to kill and not much on my mind. Scrolling through some old numbers I haven’t deleted out of my address book I came across the number of the best looking girl that opened me in my contacts list.

It was rather funny because I was sitting next to her and she randomly blurted out “Want some skittles?”. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a stranger line from an attractive woman out of nowhere. Other than “I had a dream about you last night where me and you were naked in a pool together with like 9 other girls.” from a girl I had been regularly seeing.

The female mind will forever elude me.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain

Side Note: You see those dashed lines that follows as you scroll down on the main page? I’ve put all my blog posts in that menu so you can read them at your leisure without having to scroll down. Granted I’m more likely talking out to transients that occasionally read posts rather than actually attracting a loyal readership so it is what it is.


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