The Lessons of Bad Luck

Back from the long hiatus. Having an acute affliction of writer’s block and going around meeting forum guys for inspiration, advice, and fun taking up my free time has prevented me from coming back, but here I am.

Today I write about bad luck. It’s rather funny how a day can progress otherwise extremely well but the existence of singular negative event prevents for its full enjoyment. My day was rather enjoyable with a bottle of wine, beautiful company, good friends, good laughs, and good cheer with a few choice words getting the attention of a beautiful black haired girl whom will hopefully be on my nutsack within a week or so’s time.

Want to know what ruined this? Some jackass dented part of the front end of my car. Driving a shitty low tier car is bad(thankfully not ugly as I wouldn’t live a Volkswagen Beatle or Ford Fiesta down), but driving a cosmetically damaged shitty car is enough to ruin all the positive experiences that I listed above. So I guess for next time do what I did later and pile drive enough booze in me to have a good time or meditate and calm myself down.

Or more easily, simply consider the positives.

The blessings being that my car was still ready to drive, I was safe, and I had beautiful women all around me. Bad things happen to everyone and to simply accept the bad that has happened to you then standing back up is the best way to approach it.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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