Crippling Self-Doubt

I am writing this because I could not sleep tonight. I have noticed that there are many people of two extremes. Those that overestimate and those that underestimate themselves consistently regardless of what those around tell them and irrespective of achievements.

And honestly it’s going to be sound like me bragging about my achievements, but I don’t belong in the former camp. The majority of people don’t fall in the former camp honestly as well. And the main reason for that is that humans like to believe that the world is playing them. That one day it is just one giant April Fool’s joke.

That’s why people like to play themselves up in the eyes of others or more dangerously force themselves to downplay their own achievements in their own heads while the mouth speaks modestly.

It is what’s keeping me up tonight.

Am I just being played?

There is only one conclusion.

It does not matter and I do not care.

The value in life is from the experience the individual gains not from the supposed thoughts of others or arbitrary achievements. The feel of a beautiful girl on your lap, a glass of fine wine, and the friends that surround me are valuable experiences to myself.

It is the experience more than the achievement that matters.

That is why you must always strive to win.

It’s the best experience.

All the best and sweet dreams,

Comte De St. Germain


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