Human Warmth

I’m fairly certain you all know social circle is my schtick. Couple that with the belief that I personally hold and I assume many others hold that our actions are always for a reason. Atleast among men, we act due to logical, emotional, and psychological reasons. All quantifiable to a degree.

Now to get back to the beginning. Landing in California and being back with some of the family I was closer with. I sort of get my motivation here. Why I did what I did. What I pursued in a social circle.

I was trying to recreate the warmth of a family. Something I’ve been long deprived of for years due to certain situations in my immediate life and the death of the sole warm family member on an entire side of my family.

Friends were the family I chose. The people I entrusted myself too. Whether I liked to admit it or not. I considered a lot of those close to me like my family and extended family. It’s why I take some of the losses and betrayals so hard. It’s why I was affected by the toxic environment around me.

I thought of those negative influences as much as the positive influences as part of that family I created. I craved warmth from them.

So why does this diatribe matter to you?

Well I think what America lacks more than anything these days is a sense of family. Many are too quick to put their parents in retirement homes, and many parents don’t have the ability to create warmth for their children. The same could be said between many siblings.

It’s the only thing I think responsible for this entire mess. On all ends of the spectrum we’re trying to make up for human warmth. And the majority don’t even know that feeling. Women get jaded to it. Men are generally denied it which is why the brief of hope of it spirals them into an eventual divorce rape.

I think we should try to foster a sense of warmth.

No expectations.

And dare I say it love.

Tough and honest love.

Foster warmth in those you see potential in.

I think you’ll need it as much as them.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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