Masculinity in the New World

So I got stuck on social media and watched another click bait video again. It was another one of those propaganda videos about how it’s okay to express your emotions as men. And you know what the truth of the matter is somewhere in between the new age feminine brainwashing and the old school keep all emotions hidden.

Well simply put never be afraid to tell your fellow man that he’s cool and that you appreciate them. Never say it too often, but the occasional reminder based off genuine sincerity is a gesture that’s oft forgotten about. Especially and I mean especially towards younger siblings or towards children. Positive feedback creates growth.

In times of personal turmoil when you’re on the brink of tears.

Not say the grief over a dead friend or family member where it’s okay to grieve in public.

When the world has you down. The golden rule is never to show weakness. The more emotional and hysterical a man gets over setbacks the more he is similar to women. Especially to do this in view of others.

If you must, let it all out behind a closed door, quietly, and with as little time wasted as possible.

There’s a fine difference between bottling up emotions and to be a little bitch. Tears as men are reserved for truly the most horrid of moments. Never waste any.

It’s the only way to show that you’re the rock solid support that you are for the women and children that surround you. A strong man is the backbone of many, and realize that your stability in the face of hardship is the greatest gift that you can offer to those around you.

All the best,


Comte De St. Germain



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