Better to Keep Silent

I swear.
99% of life’s issues can be solved with patience and the exercise of silence. For the issues between humans only arise due to the negativity and facts of life bearing down on them.

There’s never truly a massive issue between individuals. Never but what could be passed off as common place when in a good mood oft becomes a grudge when done when parties are in foul tempter.

Let’s go with a classic example.

Say a glass of beer is spilt on someone. More specifically I spilt one on a person a few months back. We were all in good humor and I got shit for it but we never came to blows.

Well the counter example is every day with people coming to blow over it due to being stressed out. 

It’s all relative. Exercising patience and offering a man the next round and some dry cleaning money for an accident more than calms tempers.

Rather than a fight over spilled beer.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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