It’s the cancer of this world.

Make sure you know where you stand with everyone and make your intentions known otherwise you’ll end up with too many questions and not enough answers. Keep the shell extra hard so you’re only affected when it matters, but taking stock of the world we are surrounded by keeps expectations low.

Disappointment is death itself.

All it creates is a void that is impossible to fill. Broken hearts recover, but all expectations of the incompetent, insecure humans do is crush hopes and dreams.

It’s good having closure. Peace of mind over any fortune and fame.

It’s why I disappear and reappear like an apparition.

Being needed puts me on a high.

Being another replaceable need is the lowest of lows.

Have the Kings ear and keep it, but the Queen can go gossip to her friends. All the nobles appear like Jesters to her. That mouth is filled with nothing but the venom of disappointment.

Guinevere slept with, Lancelot, and a legend was never the same.

I am Lancelot. That mistake won’t happen.

I am Lancelot. I have my own values, ethics, and morals.

I am Lancelot. And that tavern wench will do instead.

I am Lancelot. I will always come to your aid.

I am Lancelot. I want to believe I’m good.

I am Lancelot…….

We’ll continue this another time.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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