I am Lancelot I

I am Lancelot I came in to your life like a dream.

I am Lancelot I came as friend to those that dreamed and enemy to those with no aspirations.

I am Lancelot for I am concept of ethics and morals.

I am Lancelot and I watched the value of those inferior get stomped out.

I am Lancelot coming, seeing, and conquering.

I am Lancelot that redeems.

I am Lancelot the finest of all creations.

I am Lancelot with many laurels.

I am Lancelot for whom earthly pleasures come about.

I am Lancelot doesn’t that just ring?

Lancelot who was corrupted by all that surrounded him and destroyed all that was created. Arthur the idealistic, mentally weak fool, but I should have known better.

I am Lancelot so noble but not so pure.

For I was the spark that started the fire.

Forgive me Gawain for I know not what I do.

And so I walk the world simply another Judas, but I see the light coming I truly do.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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