In the Pursuit of Dreams I

Hope to make this into a series. That is if all this isn’t just esoteric, pseudo-spiritual ranting.

Anyways. Pleasure is a tar pit. It’s a pleasant consequence of fate and the pursuit of all things deemed worthy of living. The highest of those pleasures one can experience being sex. It’s the highest of highs and the all time pleasure, by our pure biology and nothing else, that as men we experience.

Masturbation be damned.

Which is why slogging through the mud in pursuit of of a great adventure you fall into it. A consequence of success which is why success in all things great leads to sex. If you simply go out looking for pleasure, you’re searching for a side effect and those around you can smell weakness as you’ll become a complacent tool that is fine with their station in life.

Which is why when you go out never have that in mind. It should be an after thought, but standing by your brothers, looking for trouble, meeting those worthy of being met, and achieving a standard of growth will win you respect and lead you closer to your dreams. Growing puts you closer to your dreams. All sex does at the end of the day is either provide a boost or let you go complacent.

In the words of the ever wise WIA:

For most of men, our time being masters of our own fate, kings in our own castles is short. Even those of us in the game will eventually succumb to ease of servitude rather than deal with the malaise of solitude.

We only have  so much time. Only so much room for error and to achieve greatness. Will you stand there and let yourself become a hollow corpse filled with malaise? Is all you search for a way into servitude, rather than being taken kicking and screaming for just one more turn?

If the answer is yes. Well you’ve chosen to lose.

I choose life. I choose to keep going. And I’ll let the world bring me to my knees or leave me knocked out standing before I choose to bend the knee.

A walking corpse is still nothing but a corpse.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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