That One

We all have that one. For some it’s a girl they dated with whom they share the fondest memories of because all in all it was simply circumstance that caused their separation. For others it was that model of a one night stand, and for that one night she chose you. And sometimes for the poor few it was the one they lost to death.

Those ones leave a long shadow. And every girl that comes after has to measure up to that standard.

It’s why some men have some low standards is my theory.

Anyways I had two. And for me they set the two big, initial standards that I have with women when appraising immediate value. The first was a beautiful soul. A bit childish, but simply a golden glow that permeates her entire being. One look into a girl’s eyes and I know if she measures up or not. If she doesn’t, well it’ll be a short or one time deal.

Of course the second standard is a bit more obvious. She was a thing of pure beauty and pure evil. Her look and attitude triggered a certain primal energy in me that I wanted her to be mine. One appraisal of a girl’s aesthetic appeal and the way she carries herself is all I need to inspire me to get some of it.

I’d say this is the most effective way to size up a woman’s immediate attractiveness level. Vibe and appearance before anything else. I’ll deal with an insufferable bitch before I ever consider porking a fatty.

That’s just me though.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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