What Do I Chase? Part 2: Realization

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In such a meaningless task for the purpose of self-enjoyment time passes by so quickly. It’s like I’m a bear clawing into a stream trying to get those things. That pursuit of life, beauty, and greatness. That sensation of freedom, but the more I struggle the more I feel chained. Restrictions without end. An almost feeling of immediate cruelty and bottomless hatred boiling. As well as finally a calm. A content calm that levels the top of my being keeping me on ice.

And you know what that ice is fine for my temperament when communicating verbally with the world, but in my actions a fire the likes of what I’ve never seen needs to keep burning. It’s like an alcohol based fire in a raging blizzard.

The Don’s victory was the spark for that heat to start that flame, and then it came like a torrent of divinely inspired rage. Sparks flying ready to boil over. Razor sharp focus to break free of these chains. The time is here.

Cool heads prevail in words, but in action a passion stronger than any chain works miracles.

The numbers lie. The odds are fake. Your mere actions make them wildly fly all over. We live in a new age. At a focal point between reality and dreams. The power of will can make anything possible.

Simply do and exert your power.

Power is not authority. Power is the ability to force you will on the world.

Sex is power. Knowledge is power. Success is power.

There are no rules only the force of your will.

All the best,


Comte De St. Germain


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