On Dynamism #2: Cunning and Confessions of a Former Sleaze

The name I was given as a child was that of a lion. My friends often refer to me as a lone wolf as a matter of choice and disposition. Thinking it over I may still be a wolf to some people(if I’m impressed by you or we’re friends[in which case I’m extremely impressed] and I’ll be a loyal dog till I stop breathing and will use every ounce of cunning to help you out), but it’s because of my cunning that to everyone else I act like a morally bankrupt hyena only redeemed for his dogged loyalty to his word and friends.

Respect is earned and in my moral framework anyone who hasn’t proven themselves of it are fair prey. Guess it comes from my individualist streak where I go out alone to do as I please and/or formerly colluded with others whom had similar sentiments to prey on those we could. Just like a hyena(or hyenas). Getting dirty, spreading rumors, and a few other things beneath someone who likes to harp his moral superiority/inherent superiority such as myself were a staple.

Pragmatism at times does shun empathy.

The worst part about appearing morally superior made it easier to drive the knife into the backs of those I didn’t like or were obstacles to get what I wanted.

Looking back I’m not proud of it. It’s why I’m writing now and consider myself a changed man mostly. Being the wolf was the life I chose and I was born with the pride of a lion as it was.

The thing is after a lifetime, no matter how short it is, of deceit does make a person a carry themselves in an inherently untrustworthy way. A shifty appearance and coy smile that an aura of refinement can’t hide. If anything, at times it makes it worse.

Now on to the main point now that my confession in the proverbial church is over. There’s a certain dynamic principle that operates from both sides of the playing field. A degree of trust.

A man with a sleazy appearance(hopefully my renewed commitment to the gym will change that) can’t hide how he comes off to a degree. What he does though, though in some cases a lengthy process that can be mitigated due to some lucky miracles(and trust me those happen more often than you think in the form of unexpected boons sometimes[a side note I feel that the morally bankrupt get the good cards in life so they’ll suffer all the more when it comes time to atone in the afterlife though I’ll keep my other thoughts on theology for meetups]), is build trust through any means. If trust can be proven then people will give you their world. It’s the only dynamic principle that operates when taking things apart from the inside or to build lasting bonds.

And to get this out of the way while I can. Why is trust dynamic? Well the parameters for it constantly change and it has to always be maintained.

Back to where we were. Trust and, by extension, reputation are the most important dynamic principles by that simple virtue of that they are infinitesimally applicable to all social situations without exception.

I was a sleazy bastard. And I may still appear so. But damn it all if I’m not sleazy looking bastard with golden trust from many and a reputation that can’t be questioned.

Granted not necessarily built by honest principle(or more specifically your honest principles), but nonetheless sparkling from the outside in.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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