Brunch in Austin

Just had brunch at the Driskill Hotel’s Restaurant in Austin. The food was great, but what really stood out was this waitress. She came like clockwork every 5 minutes to my table to check up and ask if everything was alright. Filled up my glass of water and coffee every time it got below half without me even asking for it. Not to mention that although she was a 7 that service and her almost demure attitude, almost nervousness, and genuine smile made her sexier than any girl I see on a night out.

Had to ask for her number after I settled the check and tipped her extra. There’s just nothing better than a girl who can provide good service. And it’s so much more fun undressing a girl like that in your mind than those girls who work at Hooters or Twin Peaks in a string bikini top. Her accidentally stuttering made me blush more than those aforementioned girls in any situation.

Odds are it won’t work out as I’m only here till midday tomorrow, but my balls are full due to nofap, my stomach is full, and I’m high on life.

It is what it is.



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