Social Circle Game Mindset

Well social circle itself is almost robotic in the goals you need to achieve. So that’s pretty easy to cover. Meet people, go places with people, build rapport with people, and then rinse and repeat. Fairly simple stuff.

What people don’t understand is the mindset. What kind of person automatically draws people to them? What kind of person naturally is well received?

The least important thing is actually tenacity. Fuck. Talking to people repetitively that aren’t buying what you’re selling is counter intuitive. Even people who seem to be half interested with one foot in the door. Every sell of yourself has to be to people that are gungho about you. It’s a simple greet once and hangout with if they’re receptive or leave if they aren’t on the first go. Every other time they have to approach you. Tenacity isn’t valued. Not being committed is.

I’m an impossibly hard person to get a hold of for a night of partying. I even ask forum guys to give me a week’s notice if we’re hanging out and I hold all of these people in the highest regard. It’s not a matter of disrespect, but it is more about rarity. This is the first value of the mindset needed. Rarity again differentiates from not being committed in the sense that you’re valued not on anything inherent that you bring(though you should), but being an interesting enough character with a busy schedule that simply is not as free as he should be.

Value #3 is something I talk about repetitively, and that’s consistency. Consistent. Everything you do and say has to be consistent. I treat groups of people I just meet like old friends on a night out. If I introduce them to another group of people I keep that going. If I like EDM . I’ll say I like EDM and never ever compromise by even hinting at a tolerance for country(which I despise). Consistence in attitude, demeanor, and vibe while being unable to pin down(the actual best part about being consistent is that you should also be consistently impossible to pin) lets everything else you do be a natural extension of the experience that you are.

And the last bit. Give props graciously, receive props humbly/play it down, and curb disrespect immediately in all forms. The first is important because you should never want to come off as stiff. A stiff person is grumpy and doesn’t appreciate the beautiful or good surrounding them. They’ll simply just be gruff. Receiving props humbly means not that you aren’t put on a pedestal, but instead shows that you’re willing to step off and shake hands. You should always be prideful when boasting about yourself, but when someone else compliments you it is always better to be humble. It’s a sobering face to bravado while making you come off as magnanimous when giving props graciously(but not flattering). Also lastly. That’s just being a man. I don’t have to explain that.

Oh and one last thing. If anything unfortunate happens to you. Don’t loudly complain about it. It ruined everyone’s opinion of me one night it did happen.

There’s probably more ground to cover so I’ll come back to this later.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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