Overexposure to Politics is Toxic

Lets’s be real here. Everyone has strong opinions. Myself included. But. But! The big thing is that those strong opinions on the state of the economy /world/[insert pressing life changing force] when focused on to the minute details drains energy. It can be discussed generally without much problems, but the second you start worrying about every little thing(not the occasional little thing) you start to lose your head.

Bedridden for a week and unable to move my focus was drawn of course online. The majority of which were clickbait videos, strong willed diatribes about the nature of liberals/conservatives as well as their inherent evil, and the occasional comment on the game. The game being the refreshing part of it all.

Stuck in the bubble all I did was continuously more easy to anger and focusing on the hypocrisy present in front of my face. 24/7 from the same people bilge was piled on at 5 minute intervals. And dear god the clickbait videos. I didn’t even have to watch them all I had to see was AJ+, NowThis, Buzzfeed, Libertarian blah blah whatever shit from “Reason”(or should I say Unreasonable bullshit), or Murdoch Murdoch/Earl of Grey/etc.(though much more fun occasionally in small doses but enraging in large) being reposted. All clickbait or one liner bullshit making my headache. It’s funny that the only monarchist running my favorite cigar shop I know was the only one posting things that were legitimately interesting(ethics, philosophy, etc.). So I have a reserve of hatred for all of the political spectrum except for him.

I get out today finally. Coffee, smokes, babes. Life is so much better dear god. I’d rather a chick serenade me for hours with how she saw this cute cat last evening than deal with drivel shoved for its own agenda. Dare I say it was refreshing.

So all in all get the fuck out cunts. Before you’re so politically inclined and getting into meaningless Internet arguments, fucking get out there. Nothing like being active to nurse the hangover that is the online world. Needless worry from both ends over a man that isn’t even in office.

Granted one dashing hell of a man that is worth emulating to many degrees. But I doubt he got there by talking politics for most of his life. The Art of the Deal is a swell read. Read it and get out there. Keep that flexible schedule open like the Don and do something.


All the best,


Comte De St. Germain



  1. 262 · February 9, 2017

    Hey man, got your message. Love the above post by the way. Got an email bounce from your address, so I’ll drop my burner address: ray68792@gmail.com


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