Style and Clothing a Philosophy

Flash of inspiration as 2:40 in the morning thanks to a cancerous group chat(my favorite kind of group chat).

What is the purpose of style and dressing in a way that suits you?

Well to me it’s pretty easy. It’s a way to draw people in. Most of my style advice is to help a person create a look conducive to drawing people in. The approach to drawing people in is a part of the game, but what’s getting the initial reaction to you going before people get a feel for you is your look.

And by initial reaction it isn’t persay the first five seconds, but the entirety of the conversation.

The general rule of thumb minus anything more philosophical or specific to the person in question is that the person with a louder personality shouldn’t be dressed as say flashily as it presupposes people not to arrogance or as a joker in terms of the vibe given off, but to complete hollow shallowness.

The person with the louder personality should instead attend to detail in order for people to fix the other parts of them as a puzzle. A pocket square there, a watch there, a gunmetal lighter on the table, a handkerchief in the hand, etc. Those smaller details that do stand out make the louder character as harder to pin down. A loud character should have at most one flashy item that they are wearing.

Any more and you’re just a shallow fool with no substance.

Vice versa.

A calmer character shouldn’t dress plainly or give as much attention to detail as to flash. As detail on a quiet character illicit either distrust or worse blandness. The latter more than the former is something to worry about. As I’ve said earlier on the blog, distrust can be assuaged but blandness is impossible to come back from.

The calmer character should on the other hand be loud in terms of clothing but otherwise themselves. It’ll forever keep people guessing if played correctly, and a bare minimum is needed for the calmer character to not be treated as if the flash is a facade(the number one game advice I have for the quieter, calmer character is to speak at every opportunity that presents itself for maximum impact and it’s something that should be used when any chick decides to monologue for any kind of guy).

Calmer characters should have minimum of 3 flashy items on there person at all times(dependent on what they are 2 is acceptable as well). 1 items is what every socially awkward reject has on a night out so you don’t want to be conflated with them.

So where’s the philosophy part? Well back to where we started each of these types of people take different approaches for the same end game. To draw people to them.

Once you start thinking like that you’ll start looking at yourself in the mirror a bit differently and adjust your body language accordingly.

It’s all about a degree of self honesty here folks. Never mislead yourself. And this isn’t advice for newbies.

I’m looking at you faggot. You specific type of reader know I’m talking to you. If you can’t get laid through your game alone all you’ll do with this is change the dating market even more so this information will find itself inaccurate.

Get your game up before applying any of this at all.

3+ years in the game at minimum. Ciao faggot!

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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