A Focused Muse

To me beauty is the most wonderful quality present in a human reality. Beauty can be found in both great sadness and happiness. It’s not an easy quality to define. And it’s subjectivity can be argued ad infinitum.

So where do I find the most beauty when it comes to women. Most specifically when a woman has her gaze focused on something intently. It could be on her child, her lover(me specifically), painting, singing, etc. Or on something more ethereal and subconscious such as being a truly free being(like every woman is on the inside) or living in a certain way that suits her.

A woman is most beautiful preoccupied in such a way. The only bitter women I’ve seen have no direction at all, though this shouldn’t be confused with a woman with her gaze staring into the abyss or nowhere. Aimless, lost, and justifying their own existence are the miserable women of the world.

The woman I want as my muse should have her gaze focused on to something for these reasons I mention.

Why would I want a miserable woman?

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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