On Age and Temperament

David Rockefeller died recently. As a man of extreme longevity and extreme malice. It got me thinking about age.

“The good die young.”

Personally I think it’s false, but how long a person lasts in this world I think does depend on one’s morality and temperament.

The oldest living generally are beings of what can be considered evil. Any human that lives far too long is either evil in his personal life and/or evil to the world. Evil in the personal life coming from the long lived stems from the fact that those that live past a certain age even start to see their own children become weathered by time. Aching bones and feebleness from those that are caring from them. Nothing could be more cruel than the will of a stubborn individual clinging to this world while making their own aging children suffer. For those that cling stubbornly to do evil we have men like Rockefeller whose own malice sustains their wits and being. They wreak havoc and get the punishment that is old age(suffering fully conscious due to their prolonged wits) creating a sadomasochistic duality in them.

For those that die young it’s less morality as it is the dual qualities of vanity and pride. They live quickly and they live dangerously putting the full force of their lives into a great moment and burning out. And so they become immortal in the memory of those around them and on rare occasion those that come after them. Their punishment for their only sin, hubris, being that they lack the most important currency, time. If only one more moment. If only….if only great Alexander lived…..

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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