The Result of the Unspeakable and Horrid

I knew a man who saw something horrible and unspeakable happen to someone and it plagued his mind. Taxed him to an extreme degree. Terrorized his nightmares.

The man in question from then on kept a revolver filled with bullets under his pillow as a result of seeing this.

The scariest thing to me wasn’t the horrid and unspeakable thing that he saw.

It was the effect that seeing those things had on him.

For the revolver wasn’t to keep people away that would do such bodily harm.

It was if those nightmares got so bad he would go to the mirror, look himself in the eyes, and blow his own brains out if need be from being unable to handle the thought of it.

Sadly he kept on living like this until he succumbed to death of natural causes.

But for me that was the scariest thing. Having that image replay in your head for what seems an eternity suffering with anguish. The thought of that to me is inconsequential to what will amount to a few hours or so of pain that your body will eventually numb itself too due to the mechanisms of the brain.

For if anything our remains will decompose and God himself will provide us the ability to rebuild our personal vessel in proper form in some form of afterlife. And if you do not find yourself in belief of God at very least you will be in oblivion by then.

For Faust himself suffered after Mephistopheles wrote in the student’s book “And so you will be like God knowing good and evil.”

I think a Mr. Lovecraft would share this same opinion.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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