Consistently Inconsistent and the Art of Persuasion+Misdirection

I agree lying never got a man anywhere. Lying in the traditional sense of the word(a cop or a doctor lying to a dead victim’s family about how their loved one passed away peacefully is honorable). To mislead blatantly and dare I say it with utter disregard for ones morality and more importantly to the degree that you’re blemishing the dignity/honor of those whom you lie too. Nothing is more of a surefire way to end up in an unmarked ditch.

I generally don’t praise incessant tenacity for it’s own sake as it’s a concept that isn’t fluid. But there is one place where it’s valued, in my opinion, for the greater growth of one’s reputation and self. When in the drive of consistency.

And we’re back to consistency again. So I’ll be brief on it. Consistency is thematic not action oriented. It’s based on the vibe, archetype, theme, or whatever you like to call it of the person in question.

So be consistently inconsistent with that in mind. Now to move on to another of its applications. If you want to be a spinner of webs and become more of a social butterfly it’s best to layer this consistent inconsistency with layer upon on layer of truth.

Not hard truth though. Soft truth. Generic truth. Nothing misleads and sends people into spirals about who or what you are than telling the truth of life. Yours, the world’s, etc. You will persuade people more with generic platitudes that you then tailor in a one on one situation to the person in question than you would by giving hard and fast life advice from the get go.

People do not like being judged. Much more they do not like being wrong. These rules are simple constraints to get by. To get your message into their heads all it takes is to adapt what you say so that it is not judgmental in a serious way so their feelings are not slighted, but is internalized due to it fitting like a jigsaw into their worldview though it may run contrary to it. A virus if you will. Secondly they are not wrong. Their beliefs just need to be “reinterpreted” into a more “accurate” worldview. Modern society if you will.

Back to being consistently inconsistent. As a wild card of a various archetype. Serious and studious or quite not so. You can still be unreadable truly to work this method into the thoughts of those around you.

Well dare I say it.

It’s also the way most people themselves, myself included, are influenced. Neat little jigsaws put in by people or things we respect. Unintentionally from people, in general. And intentionally from things, in general.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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