The Mirror Image

I’m a person who thrives on conflict. My worldview is fairly Byronic with a thrill seeker’s twist. I guess that’s the justification on why I came to see this fact as it is.

My closest compatriots are of three main varieties. Those entranced with what comes out of my mouth(women being the general majority of such folk), those with whom I find a common struggle, and those whom are my mirror images(generally blending in with category two but distinct merely due to the exceptions). The fact I’m here to state is that everyone has the potential to have that third distinct category as their closest confidants and friends without exception.

So lets define the mirror image. It is someone who is like you in temperament and to a degree a way of life, but differs almost fundamentally in their progression to that same conclusion as well as their entire worldview is completely antithetical to yours. Hence the mirror image. They’re an inverted you. And irrespective of those massive differences you are naturally drawn to them and vice versa as friends. Their loyalty is almost assuredly without fail as well.

Humans are drawn to struggle, but at the same time we’re drawn to the same. Struggle is generally related to some kind of conflict which is why those with common cause are bound together. At the same time it’s why enemies that genuinely view each other as worthy rivals are always cordial and appreciate each other. For remember the time that Saladin and Richard the Lionheart appreciated each other for what they were. Great men! Fuck off with your ideological bantering! The enemy is to be respected even after their senility and fall from grace[fight with a tear in your eye for how they great they once were]! You ideologically infused pigs! You wretched whores, miserable wretches, sniveling sycophants, and bastards that believe in total war and dehumanization!

-I’d tear those assholes a new one, but that kind of diatribe is fit for personal stress relief.-

So we’re back at the mirror image and its greater meaning. These men in our lives are there for a reason. To keep you sharp between the ears and to always provide a good challenge. Realize a different line of thinking with similar ways of life is an inversion away. I refuse to think of their means as the proper way, but nonetheless I respect their beliefs.

The only shame is that there isn’t an army that thought like me. But that would be boring especially with someone of my line of thought. And here in lies the true importance. Boredom and a lack of meaningful struggle is a rotten cancer that creates the living dead.

All the best,


Comte De St. Germain


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