Maintaining an Image

Well this is a disclaimer post that I haven’t done in a while. Mainly because it’s something I harped about in my early forum days that still hold true to this day. So lets get to it. Contrary to the abundance of rep points and the way I interact with everyone the perception of me as a hardcore pussy slaying womanizer is over-exaggerated.

I’m far ahead of the average man(not hard to do), but respectably below the weight that well established forum members are.

Most of my massive notch count(I would say average among the well repped guys on the forum) is also due to my young age and having really good, self-assured inner game when I was a teen in a teenage environment which literally led to it falling on my lap.

Any really young guy(16-19) all they have to do is not put up with bullshit and they’ll get massive loads of pussy handed to them on a silver platter. It is that easy. Though that’s not something that needs to be talked about extensively as A. it’s not the audience I’m writing for and B. it’s not an audience that would come to this sphere unless they were severely autistic meaning they won’t have game until they rewire themselves which is a moot point as they’ll be atleast 21 by the time they kind of get it.

Anyways back to the issue at hand. Really what is implied by my real life personality, demeanor, and way of thinking leads back to that transient womanizer’s image. And the image is much more useful than the reality. And it’ll always transform you into something even more interesting than the image.

I attract and am held in esteem by men for this so called “wisdom” I’ve accrued and I enchant women who want to be a part of this ideal(both actively seeking the role of side piece or refusing and wanting to be the “only one” or strangely enough just simply to enjoy my company).

By gathering these people it becomes self fulfilling prophecy. I’m in the company of beautiful women and of above par men of all stripes. And no I’m not fucking all these women. They’re simply just at my table just like the men. It’s picturesque, idyllic, and fosters a kind of respect from all that leads to an interesting lifestyle where it’s no strange thing to be somewhere by myself or in the top of the crowd.

Some idiots will tell you that you should fuck every woman in sight. That there is no reason to foster relationships beyond carnal with women. That we should inherently limit the scope of our interactions to men with cop out answers like “women are dumb children so why waste your time with them beyond a fucking”. But that boxes you in.

By expanding my interactions, I create a story worth living in and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And much the same I think every intelligent man is capable of creating their image. Something that suits and attracts others to them. That builds a life story for them and allows them to transcend the caricature.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


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