A Focused Muse

To me beauty is the most wonderful quality present in a human reality. Beauty can be found in both great sadness and happiness. It’s not an easy quality to define. And it’s subjectivity can be argued ad infinitum.

So where do I find the most beauty when it comes to women. Most specifically when a woman has her gaze focused on something intently. It could be on her child, her lover(me specifically), painting, singing, etc. Or on something more ethereal and subconscious such as being a truly free being(like every woman is on the inside) or living in a certain way that suits her.

A woman is most beautiful preoccupied in such a way. The only bitter women I’ve seen have no direction at all, though this shouldn’t be confused with a woman with her gaze staring into the abyss or nowhere. Aimless, lost, and justifying their own existence are the miserable women of the world.

The woman I want as my muse should have her gaze focused on to something for these reasons I mention.

Why would I want a miserable woman?

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain


Style and Clothing a Philosophy

Flash of inspiration as 2:40 in the morning thanks to a cancerous group chat(my favorite kind of group chat).

What is the purpose of style and dressing in a way that suits you?

Well to me it’s pretty easy. It’s a way to draw people in. Most of my style advice is to help a person create a look conducive to drawing people in. The approach to drawing people in is a part of the game, but what’s getting the initial reaction to you going before people get a feel for you is your look.

And by initial reaction it isn’t persay the first five seconds, but the entirety of the conversation.

The general rule of thumb minus anything more philosophical or specific to the person in question is that the person with a louder personality shouldn’t be dressed as say flashily as it presupposes people not to arrogance or as a joker in terms of the vibe given off, but to complete hollow shallowness.

The person with the louder personality should instead attend to detail in order for people to fix the other parts of them as a puzzle. A pocket square there, a watch there, a gunmetal lighter on the table, a handkerchief in the hand, etc. Those smaller details that do stand out make the louder character as harder to pin down. A loud character should have at most one flashy item that they are wearing.

Any more and you’re just a shallow fool with no substance.

Vice versa.

A calmer character shouldn’t dress plainly or give as much attention to detail as to flash. As detail on a quiet character illicit either distrust or worse blandness. The latter more than the former is something to worry about. As I’ve said earlier on the blog, distrust can be assuaged but blandness is impossible to come back from.

The calmer character should on the other hand be loud in terms of clothing but otherwise themselves. It’ll forever keep people guessing if played correctly, and a bare minimum is needed for the calmer character to not be treated as if the flash is a facade(the number one game advice I have for the quieter, calmer character is to speak at every opportunity that presents itself for maximum impact and it’s something that should be used when any chick decides to monologue for any kind of guy).

Calmer characters should have minimum of 3 flashy items on there person at all times(dependent on what they are 2 is acceptable as well). 1 items is what every socially awkward reject has on a night out so you don’t want to be conflated with them.

So where’s the philosophy part? Well back to where we started each of these types of people take different approaches for the same end game. To draw people to them.

Once you start thinking like that you’ll start looking at yourself in the mirror a bit differently and adjust your body language accordingly.

It’s all about a degree of self honesty here folks. Never mislead yourself. And this isn’t advice for newbies.

I’m looking at you faggot. You specific type of reader know I’m talking to you. If you can’t get laid through your game alone all you’ll do with this is change the dating market even more so this information will find itself inaccurate.

Get your game up before applying any of this at all.

3+ years in the game at minimum. Ciao faggot!

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain

Overexposure to Politics is Toxic

Lets’s be real here. Everyone has strong opinions. Myself included. But. But! The big thing is that those strong opinions on the state of the economy /world/[insert pressing life changing force] when focused on to the minute details drains energy. It can be discussed generally without much problems, but the second you start worrying about every little thing(not the occasional little thing) you start to lose your head.

Bedridden for a week and unable to move my focus was drawn of course online. The majority of which were clickbait videos, strong willed diatribes about the nature of liberals/conservatives as well as their inherent evil, and the occasional comment on the game. The game being the refreshing part of it all.

Stuck in the bubble all I did was continuously more easy to anger and focusing on the hypocrisy present in front of my face. 24/7 from the same people bilge was piled on at 5 minute intervals. And dear god the clickbait videos. I didn’t even have to watch them all I had to see was AJ+, NowThis, Buzzfeed, Libertarian blah blah whatever shit from “Reason”(or should I say Unreasonable bullshit), or Murdoch Murdoch/Earl of Grey/etc.(though much more fun occasionally in small doses but enraging in large) being reposted. All clickbait or one liner bullshit making my headache. It’s funny that the only monarchist running my favorite cigar shop I know was the only one posting things that were legitimately interesting(ethics, philosophy, etc.). So I have a reserve of hatred for all of the political spectrum except for him.

I get out today finally. Coffee, smokes, babes. Life is so much better dear god. I’d rather a chick serenade me for hours with how she saw this cute cat last evening than deal with drivel shoved for its own agenda. Dare I say it was refreshing.

So all in all get the fuck out cunts. Before you’re so politically inclined and getting into meaningless Internet arguments, fucking get out there. Nothing like being active to nurse the hangover that is the online world. Needless worry from both ends over a man that isn’t even in office.

Granted one dashing hell of a man that is worth emulating to many degrees. But I doubt he got there by talking politics for most of his life. The Art of the Deal is a swell read. Read it and get out there. Keep that flexible schedule open like the Don and do something.


All the best,


Comte De St. Germain

Social Circle Game Mindset

Well social circle itself is almost robotic in the goals you need to achieve. So that’s pretty easy to cover. Meet people, go places with people, build rapport with people, and then rinse and repeat. Fairly simple stuff.

What people don’t understand is the mindset. What kind of person automatically draws people to them? What kind of person naturally is well received?

The least important thing is actually tenacity. Fuck. Talking to people repetitively that aren’t buying what you’re selling is counter intuitive. Even people who seem to be half interested with one foot in the door. Every sell of yourself has to be to people that are gungho about you. It’s a simple greet once and hangout with if they’re receptive or leave if they aren’t on the first go. Every other time they have to approach you. Tenacity isn’t valued. Not being committed is.

I’m an impossibly hard person to get a hold of for a night of partying. I even ask forum guys to give me a week’s notice if we’re hanging out and I hold all of these people in the highest regard. It’s not a matter of disrespect, but it is more about rarity. This is the first value of the mindset needed. Rarity again differentiates from not being committed in the sense that you’re valued not on anything inherent that you bring(though you should), but being an interesting enough character with a busy schedule that simply is not as free as he should be.

Value #3 is something I talk about repetitively, and that’s consistency. Consistent. Everything you do and say has to be consistent. I treat groups of people I just meet like old friends on a night out. If I introduce them to another group of people I keep that going. If I like EDM . I’ll say I like EDM and never ever compromise by even hinting at a tolerance for country(which I despise). Consistence in attitude, demeanor, and vibe while being unable to pin down(the actual best part about being consistent is that you should also be consistently impossible to pin) lets everything else you do be a natural extension of the experience that you are.

And the last bit. Give props graciously, receive props humbly/play it down, and curb disrespect immediately in all forms. The first is important because you should never want to come off as stiff. A stiff person is grumpy and doesn’t appreciate the beautiful or good surrounding them. They’ll simply just be gruff. Receiving props humbly means not that you aren’t put on a pedestal, but instead shows that you’re willing to step off and shake hands. You should always be prideful when boasting about yourself, but when someone else compliments you it is always better to be humble. It’s a sobering face to bravado while making you come off as magnanimous when giving props graciously(but not flattering). Also lastly. That’s just being a man. I don’t have to explain that.

Oh and one last thing. If anything unfortunate happens to you. Don’t loudly complain about it. It ruined everyone’s opinion of me one night it did happen.

There’s probably more ground to cover so I’ll come back to this later.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain

Brunch in Austin

Just had brunch at the Driskill Hotel’s Restaurant in Austin. The food was great, but what really stood out was this waitress. She came like clockwork every 5 minutes to my table to check up and ask if everything was alright. Filled up my glass of water and coffee every time it got below half without me even asking for it. Not to mention that although she was a 7 that service and her almost demure attitude, almost nervousness, and genuine smile made her sexier than any girl I see on a night out.

Had to ask for her number after I settled the check and tipped her extra. There’s just nothing better than a girl who can provide good service. And it’s so much more fun undressing a girl like that in your mind than those girls who work at Hooters or Twin Peaks in a string bikini top. Her accidentally stuttering made me blush more than those aforementioned girls in any situation.

Odds are it won’t work out as I’m only here till midday tomorrow, but my balls are full due to nofap, my stomach is full, and I’m high on life.

It is what it is.


On Dynamism #2: Cunning and Confessions of a Former Sleaze

The name I was given as a child was that of a lion. My friends often refer to me as a lone wolf as a matter of choice and disposition. Thinking it over I may still be a wolf to some people(if I’m impressed by you or we’re friends[in which case I’m extremely impressed] and I’ll be a loyal dog till I stop breathing and will use every ounce of cunning to help you out), but it’s because of my cunning that to everyone else I act like a morally bankrupt hyena only redeemed for his dogged loyalty to his word and friends.

Respect is earned and in my moral framework anyone who hasn’t proven themselves of it are fair prey. Guess it comes from my individualist streak where I go out alone to do as I please and/or formerly colluded with others whom had similar sentiments to prey on those we could. Just like a hyena(or hyenas). Getting dirty, spreading rumors, and a few other things beneath someone who likes to harp his moral superiority/inherent superiority such as myself were a staple.

Pragmatism at times does shun empathy.

The worst part about appearing morally superior made it easier to drive the knife into the backs of those I didn’t like or were obstacles to get what I wanted.

Looking back I’m not proud of it. It’s why I’m writing now and consider myself a changed man mostly. Being the wolf was the life I chose and I was born with the pride of a lion as it was.

The thing is after a lifetime, no matter how short it is, of deceit does make a person a carry themselves in an inherently untrustworthy way. A shifty appearance and coy smile that an aura of refinement can’t hide. If anything, at times it makes it worse.

Now on to the main point now that my confession in the proverbial church is over. There’s a certain dynamic principle that operates from both sides of the playing field. A degree of trust.

A man with a sleazy appearance(hopefully my renewed commitment to the gym will change that) can’t hide how he comes off to a degree. What he does though, though in some cases a lengthy process that can be mitigated due to some lucky miracles(and trust me those happen more often than you think in the form of unexpected boons sometimes[a side note I feel that the morally bankrupt get the good cards in life so they’ll suffer all the more when it comes time to atone in the afterlife though I’ll keep my other thoughts on theology for meetups]), is build trust through any means. If trust can be proven then people will give you their world. It’s the only dynamic principle that operates when taking things apart from the inside or to build lasting bonds.

And to get this out of the way while I can. Why is trust dynamic? Well the parameters for it constantly change and it has to always be maintained.

Back to where we were. Trust and, by extension, reputation are the most important dynamic principles by that simple virtue of that they are infinitesimally applicable to all social situations without exception.

I was a sleazy bastard. And I may still appear so. But damn it all if I’m not sleazy looking bastard with golden trust from many and a reputation that can’t be questioned.

Granted not necessarily built by honest principle(or more specifically your honest principles), but nonetheless sparkling from the outside in.

All the best,

Comte De St. Germain

What Do I Chase? Part 2: Realization

Open Pack





In such a meaningless task for the purpose of self-enjoyment time passes by so quickly. It’s like I’m a bear clawing into a stream trying to get those things. That pursuit of life, beauty, and greatness. That sensation of freedom, but the more I struggle the more I feel chained. Restrictions without end. An almost feeling of immediate cruelty and bottomless hatred boiling. As well as finally a calm. A content calm that levels the top of my being keeping me on ice.

And you know what that ice is fine for my temperament when communicating verbally with the world, but in my actions a fire the likes of what I’ve never seen needs to keep burning. It’s like an alcohol based fire in a raging blizzard.

The Don’s victory was the spark for that heat to start that flame, and then it came like a torrent of divinely inspired rage. Sparks flying ready to boil over. Razor sharp focus to break free of these chains. The time is here.

Cool heads prevail in words, but in action a passion stronger than any chain works miracles.

The numbers lie. The odds are fake. Your mere actions make them wildly fly all over. We live in a new age. At a focal point between reality and dreams. The power of will can make anything possible.

Simply do and exert your power.

Power is not authority. Power is the ability to force you will on the world.

Sex is power. Knowledge is power. Success is power.

There are no rules only the force of your will.

All the best,


Comte De St. Germain